Your World Wide Connection

SeaVsat offers global roaming with high speed internet via satellite, based on the latest technologies available. SeaVsat has one of the most extensive coverage areas on Ku-band and C-band available and has teleports and offices for 24-hour customer support worldwide.

Global Roaming

SeaVsat's maritime solutions for marine communications services provide all the benefits of a carrier-class SatLink network for traditional Internet service providers and telecom carriers. Plus, it meets the unique requirements for global mobility for all types of marine vessels (e.g., cruise ships, ferries, freighters, fishing vessels, and private yachts) when paired with a stabilized marine antenna system. The special SatLink Maritime VSATs work with the corresponding features implemented in a hub to allow global roaming and handle the roll and pitch of the seas, making the services less susceptible to outages. SatLink Maritime VSATs are also equipped with a GPS and special software for fast log-on and smooth transitions between different satellite beams while roaming


The footprint of a communications satellite is the ground area that its transponders offer coverage, and determines the satellite dish diameter required to receive each transponder's signal. There is usually a different map for each transponder (or group of transponders) as each may be aimed to cover different areas of the ground. Footprint maps usually show either the estimated minimal satellite dish diameter required or the signal strength in each area measured in dBW. Using teleports worldwide and different satellites with Ku of C-band coverage, a worldwide footprint is available for all broadband services via satellite.

Ku Band

C Band